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Fabric Care

Caring for your luxury English Fine Cottons clothing.

A little TLC goes a long way if you want your luxury clothing to look their best for longer.

  • The first rule is – wash your cotton garments sparingly.
  • If you need to freshen-up a n item you’ve only worn for a few hours, give it a quick steam or put in in the dryer on the no heat setting just to fluff it up. But remember, heat from a tumble dryer will almost certainly shrink your cotton clothing.
  • Wash your clothing at 30°C – if the heat’s too high, it’ll probably shrink.
  • Wash by hand if you have time, using just a little mild detergent and avoid fabric softeners – your English Fine Cottons clothing doesn’t need it and it’ll only clog-up the fine fibres.
  • Treat stains properly – and as soon as you can – before washing. But don’t use bleach.
  • Always sort your laundry before washing – be sure you don’t accidentally bung your lovely white tee in with the jeans!
  • It’s a good idea to wash your clothes, particularly your luxury cotton items, inside out – it’ll help stop the fabric from bobbling (pilling).  Using a delicates bag can also help protect your clothing.
  • If they’re air dried flat or hanging up, they probably won’t need ironing if you gently stretch them back into shape as soon as they come out of the washing machine.
  • If you do want to iron your luxury cotton tees, press using a very low heat or alternatively, use a steam machine – steaming is gentler on the fabric and will plump-up the fibres of your cotton clothing without flattening the surface.
  • Always iron or steam your tees inside out.


Top Tips

HEAT is your cotton clothing's worst enemy – either from water that’s too hot or the tumble dryer.

Using BLEACH on your cotton clothes is also a no-no.

Use DETERGENT sparingly and avoid FABRIC SOFTENER altogether.

Wash your clothes INSIDE OUT.



Caring for your luxury English Fine Cottons Shirting Fabric


Washing and drying

With a little care, your English Fine Cottons shirt will retain its super-soft, comfortable feel every time you put it on – no matter how many times it’s washed and ironed.

  • Prepare your shirt properly for the wash – undo most of the buttons, remove collar stiffeners and pre-treat stains, but NEVER use bleach.
  • Machine or hand wash your cotton shirts with mild detergent at 30° keeping whites separate from colours.
  • Avoid fabric softener – it can clog the fibres over time and your cotton shirt will lose its natural sheen and softness.

  • Hang them up to air dry or dry them flat – but NEVER tumble dry them

  • Always choose the hand-laundering service at the dry cleaners - exposure to harsh chemicals used in dry cleaning isn’t good for your luxury cotton shirts.


Top Tips:

Washing your shirts inside out will help keep them silky smooth. They’ll stay closed during the wash if you leave a couple of buttons fastened.

Remember that BLEACH, VERY HOT WATER and TUMBLE DRYING are your cotton shirt’s three worst enemies!



Shirts made with our luxury fabric don’t come with ‘non-iron’ labels - they’re not saturated with chemical resins to make them more crease resistant.

Our fabric is traditional British shirting that’s highly durable and smooth - but we don’t apologise for the fact that it will require ironing after washing!

  • Iron your shirt while it’s still damp for the best finish
  • Iron the collar on both sides, underside first
  • Iron the sleeves and then the yoke
  • Then iron the main body of the shirt both sides first and then the back
  • Press carefully between the buttons and down the button hole panel, taking care not to iron over the buttons
  • Hang your shirts on wooden hangers to keep them in good shape.


Top Tips:

The easiest way to press your shirt for a professional finish is to start with the fiddly bits, such as the collar and sleeves.

When ironing the front of the collar, press from the collar point to the centre to avoid unsightly creases on the collar’s edge.