Supporting the NHS and British Manufacturing With the English Fine Cottons Cough Catcher

Supporting the NHS and British Manufacturing With the English Fine Cottons Cough Catcher

English Fine Cottons have launched its' range of Cough Catchers to help fight the devastating effects of the Coronavirus pandemic - in more ways than you might think. 

Not only does the unique face cover, which is made from our premium cotton and treated with an anti-viral coating, reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19, it also provides a welcome boost to the NHS and UK manufacturing.

We initially developed the Cough Catcher in partnership with a leading surgeon from Alder Hey Children's Hosiptal who wanted to distribute it to out-patients and parents visiting their sick youngsters. 

Following the success of the project, we decided to make the Alder Hey Cough Catcher and two new designs - the Manchester Bee and the NHS Rainbow - available to our customers.

Our managing director Andy Ogden said: "Face coverings are about to become mandatory in many public settings and the country is beginning to resume normal activities. 

"What better face cover to offer our customers than one that has been developed alongside, and endorsed by, leading medics within the NHS?"


Supporting the NHS

All of the profits from the Alder Hey version (available from our web-shop for £9.95) will go straight to the hospital's charity, which is battling to overcome the effects of lockdown and the subsequent cancellation of dozens of fundraising events.

And with every sale of our other face covers that cost £12.50 - including our Hero range - we will make a £2.50 donation to NHS Charities. 


Made Entirely in the UK

We're now making working  with a host of manufacturing partners in the UK to make thousands of Cough Catchers a week for NHS healthcare bodies.

Our superfine, Extra-Long-Staple cotton yarns are woven at Heathcoat Fabrics in Devon, where they are also treated with a certified anti-viral coating. 

The fabric is then printed at Manchester-based Clothes2Order before being taken to our revamped Victorian cotton mill in Dukinfield where our small team of makers turn it into face-covers.

Catching Coughs

While medical grade face masks should be reserved for front-line workers, it’s thought that tightly woven, high thread count cotton fabric coverings are the next best alternative for the general public.

The Cough Catcher is a three-pleated face cover designed to easily provide the correct fit for anyone who wears it. With an aluminium nose-bridge, it can be moulded to the wearer's face and the elastic ear-loops allow it to be pulled snugly under the chin. 

Made from our premium high thread-count Supima cotton fabric, it's soft, comfortable and breathable and at the same time, effectively filters out particles and reduces the risk of the wearer spreading COVID-19.

Available in adult sized, junior and infant, the face covers can be washed at high temperatures and are easy to iron.

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