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Bloomsbury Twill White Shirting


Product Description

Made in the UK from start to finish.

Twill fabrics are renowned for their exceptional handle and drape. The twill weave creates a characteristic diagonal pattern that allows the yarns to move more freely, making the fabric softer and more pliable.

Our Bloomsbury Twill White is slightly heavier weight and warmer to wear than out Royal Twill. It’s made using luxury 2-ply 80s yarn, spun from extra-long-staple Californian Pima cotton at our mill in Manchester. It’s woven locally to produce a soft fabric.

Style and Features

  • Drapes naturally for supreme comfort and ease of movement
  • Is naturally more crease resistant
  • Is strong and durable.

English Fine Cottons Shirting fabrics are provided cut to length on cardboard bolts. We offer two standard sizes, 2m and 2.5m. Alternatively, all materials are available on rolls in larger quantities on request. 

Fabric Care